Gutters - Cleaning, Clearing & Conserving

The daunting undertaking of gutter cleaning is one of those dreaded tasks nobody really wants to think too much about, until it’s already too late. But, like dentist checkups, prostate exams, and visits with the in-laws, it’s a necessary task to keeping things ‘flowing smoothly’ (if you know what I mean). Debris as little as a handful of pine needles, or as large as a cluster of maple leaves, will quickly cause blockage in your homes’ gutters. Without inspecting and cleaning these clogged gutters, your roofline will rapidly begin to spill over, causing potential damage to your home.

There are definitely gutter systems that you can install to minimize the impact of debris build-up. But even then, an inspection 2-3 times per year is recommended.

You can inspect, and even clean your gutters yourself, or have a professional do the work for you. Vazquez Roofing of Santa Barbara is happy to offer roof and gutter inspection, repair, and cleaning services.

Vazquez Roofing, Inc. of Santa Barbara includes gutter inspection, cleaning and clearingCLEANING & CLEARING

Typically it’s best to inspect your gutters 2-3 times per year. Here is a list of what you’ll need:

  • An A-Frame or Extension Ladder
  • A friend to hold the ladder while you're on it (safety first!)
  • Cleaning Tool - here are some options
    1. A gardening trowel or spade
    2. A hose with pressure nozzle
    3. A shop vac with a long hose and attachment that can accommodate leaves

You will need to methodically go around your home in sections to thoroughly clear any debris out of the gutters. Downspouts may also have clogs, so running a hose through the spout, or even a plumber’s snaking tool, can be a good way to ensure the downspouts are clear of any debris.


Water collection barrel - Vazquez Roofing, Inc. of Santa Barbara CountyYou might be confused as to this heading in our article, but all will be clear soon, I ssure you. Being from Santa Barbara and serving the beautiful Southern California coast, we at Vazquez Roofing, Inc. are very familiar with drought conditions. There are simple ways to collect precious rainwater for use in your garden or other areas nonpotable water is an option. Barrels can be set up at your downspouts to collect rainwater. We have seen a handful of savvy gardeners and homeowners adopting this practice in our area and applaud their efforts.

While installing collection barrels isn’t currently a service we offer our customers, we wanted to include this resource for the weekend warriors that might take an interest in how to engineer a solution for not only costsavings, but also water conservation. And who knows, maybe having water-conserving solutions at the end of your downspouts will make that dreaded gutter inspection just a little less like spending holidays smiling and nodding, while choking down Aunt Agnes’ fruitcake once again.


By the way, did you know that until 2013 it was illegal to capture rainwater in this manner? Be sure to read up on the local law and understand what is appropriate for your area. Here’s an article on the “Rainwater Capture Act of 2012” that describes the California Water Code and provides some more specifics around this change.